Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Christi's Creative Neighborhood...

I adore Christi Friesen!  She's so witty and creates such whimsical creations.  Plus, she's just "good people".  I've known her for several years and she's always been someone to encourage and uplift others.  One of the ways that she does that is that she has a group called Christi's Creative Neighborhood.  (CLICK HERE to check out the Facebook group.) She is one of the most generous artists that I know and is constantly giving away tips, tricks, and techniques.  The Circle is where she goes one step further with paid content.  I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate as a guest artist contributor.

January's theme in the Creative Neighborhood is "New Beginnings".  How apt!  My contribution focuses on some of my philosophies as an artist and talks a little about some things you can do to keep your process fresh and inspiring and constantly moving forward.  Hopefully participants will find it useful and motivational!  CLICK HERE to find out more about Christi's Creative Neighborhood.

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