Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Ginkgo Leaf Bracelet...

I've been on a bracelet kick lately!  This is unusual for me, because I usually tend towards making necklaces and earrings.  This latest bracelet is made up of a sterling silver chain embellished with electroplated faceted druzy rounds, faceted labradorite, teeny tiny Swarovski crystals, and ginkgo leaf charms.  To bring it all together, I used a swivel lobster claw clasp.  (Which, by the way, I can't sing the praise of the swivel lobster claw high enough.  They make putting on bracelets easy-breezy!)

This bracelet has a surprising amount of shimmer and sparkle.  The wire-wrapped dangles really give this bracelet a lot of movement and it makes the facets dance!

When I initially set out to make this bracelet, I was just going to focus on the stones.  The more I looked at it though, it needed something.  I had these great little ginkgo leaf charms and I thought they were just perfect.  The ginkgo leaf is a symbol for longevity, endurance, and strength.  They are also representative of hope and peace.  As we embark on another new calendar year, I think these are all good things to carry with us.

If you're interested in acquiring this bracelet, you can email Allegory Gallery at info@allegorygallery.com.

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Ann Schroeder said...

This is beautiful!