Monday, July 21, 2014

Royal Feather Challenge (Pre-Sale)...

A few days ago I announced the Festival Lights Challenge and made the kits available for purchase.  I didn't really think that I'd be announcing another challenge so soon!  But... as I looked at the calendar, I realized that I had a big trade show in between now and the Reveal of the Dark Bloom Challenge.  (I generally announce the next kit after the most recent reveal.)  So I got the idea to push up the sale date, so that I could have more funds to work with at the trade show.  This will give me a little more flexibility while finding treasures for the shop and for the future kits.

Believe it or not, I plan out my kits months in advance.  It takes time to gather up all the ingredients and create the components that make my kits special.  I had already started working on the Luxury Bead Blend for the newest challenge, so I had it ready to go and ready to be photographed.  (I'm still working on the rest of the kit.)

Since I had the concept of the next kit figured out already, I decided to do a pre-sale of the kit.  The next creative exercise:  the Royal Feather Challenge.  It's a blend of verdant greens, lush purples, and tranquil blues and teals, with glittering golds and burnt bronzes.  I love this color combination.  It looks so regal and stately.  I have fond memories of peacocks.  I remember visiting my grandparents who lived near a man with several as pets.  We would feed them and he'd give us feathers.  I also remember a particularly bold peacock at the botanical gardens in Hawaii.  It was a fantastic trip and I loved seeing the peacock so close.

If you're interested in getting a kit and participating in the next challenge, CLICK HERE.  Hurry though!  Kits usually sell out FAST!  Please take note that this is a pre-sale and the kits will be mailed out in the beginning of August.


Alice said...

You got me at verdant greens. I just had to have one.

Anonymous said...

Oh Yay!!
What a great idea: I can't seem to respond fast enough, so pre-sale gives more time. And maybe a great way to gauge demand too?! I always love these kits and challenges. Thank you for bringing them back!!!