Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fusion Beads 30 Day Bead Challenge: Day 20

It's the first day of spring!  For Day 20, our prompt for the Fusion Beads 30 Day Bead Challenge was to spring clean.

We took a break from fixing up the Annex space for the winter.  Until we get it up and running, my studio has sort of exploded all over the house.  Even though I try not to spread out too much, our kitchen counter doubles as a work bench, photo backdrop and place where we dump keys, wallets, receipts and various rings.  Oh, and we still use it to make coffee, take our vitamins, and keep the stray water glass.

So, I decided to tidy up a bit.  I told myself that we were going to have company come over.  I put things away, tossed some of the junk, and sorted through projects that were finished and pieces that still need work done.  I feel good about the progress that I made.  I know it won't last long... but at least it's clean today!

If you want to participate, there's still time!  CLICK HERE to get ahold of a calendar of challenges.

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