Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beads of Clay Face Lift Contest...

The Beads of Clay Blog is hosting a contest!  They're looking to revamp the look of the blog by changing up their banner.  They've asked the readers of their blog to create options that will be up for a popular vote in their Beads of Clay Face Lift Contest.  The winner will receive $200 worth of ceramic beads and pendants from some of their members.  The prize will include pieces by LisaPetersArt, Jeraluna, Marlasmud, Duane Collins, Elaine Ray and Marti Conrad!  

Above is my submission for the contest.  I considered their current color scheme (pale blue-green) and wanted to fully embrace their desire for change by providing a banner in contrasting colors.  I opted for fiery oranges, blushing pinks, and warm golds.  With the idea of change in mind, I selected a font that was more clean and streamlined and less scrawly.  I also used white for the font instead of the current black.

The background is a watercolor painting that I did.  I kept thinking of the words "creative spark" while working on it.  I think that each artist has this spark within them and imbues their pieces with this creative energy, giving their pieces life and form.  I wanted the background to be amorphous, like a nebula or brilliant sunset with a stylized spark pattern sprinkled throughout.  An artist takes an idea and makes it a reality.  

Here is the entire painting.

Voting begins March 16th and will run through March 22nd at 12PM EST.  I will post a link once voting has started.

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