Wednesday, January 02, 2013


A few days ago, we were spoiled with sunshine and warm weather.  While it was definitely good to come home, returning to snow and cold temperatures was certainly a shock to the system.  I don't think I've quite recovered yet.  Is it the cool (sometimes nonexistent) quality of light or the decreased temperatures that makes me feel like I'm moving through molasses?  I feel like I could stay in bed all day and all night.  I want to insulate myself in blankets and finally get rid of this dry cough that keeps holding on.  The idea of shoveling the car out and scraping down the windshield sends shivers through my heart.  What I want is some hot tea, a warm cat (or two) to cuddle with, and a good book to dip in and out of as I doze.  Alas, there's no time for such comforts.

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Wendy & Megan Chamberlain said...

Definitely could do with some sunshine here, think mine is all used up.
So far we have had just a light sprinkling of snow just an awful lot of water everywhere. I quite agree that getting up and scrapping ice/snow off the car sometimes is just a little too much. Get well soon.