Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Holiday Gift Exchange Part 3...

With everything that has been going on, I've been a bit slow on updating the Holiday Gift Exchange posts.  This is the last installation of the gift exchange that I hosted, but I'll be adding posts about the gift exchange that Lorelei facilitated in short order.  If you were a participant of either exchange, you should be getting your very tardy gift in the mail shortly!  I hope everyone likes what is being sent!  Sorry again about the delay!
I met Anne Terry a few years ago in Detroit.  She was very kind in showing me where to set up for the show they put on.  I knew that she did metalwork (as she created a stellar wearable frame for a collage I made), but I didn't know the extent of her mad seed beading skills.  She has been working all year on these bead embroidered ornaments.  How do I know this?  Earlier in the year, Anne made a request that I create one of my pendants without a hole, with the aim of capturing it with a beaded bezel.  She explained that she was working on holiday gifts.  This ornament is the one she sent me!  Wow!  It's simply amazing.  She put a lot of work into creating such a stunning ornament.  It's truly a work of art that will become an heirloom in our household.
Speaking of ornaments, check out this lovely one that Lynne Suprock of Simply Pretty Stuff created for the exchange!  I was quite fortunate in being able to receive this gift in person!  Lynne stopped in the shop and dropped it off!  It was so nice to see her.  She participated last year in the Gail Crosman Moore Weekend Intensive.  Ever since then, we have kept in touch.  The ornament she gifted me was a special one that she has been holding on to for "special people" and was a soldiered piece she made using the artwork of Brian Andreas' StoryPeople.  She created a line of these ornaments for the artist and this one features the "Christmas Dragon".
The next collection of goodies come courtesy of Amber Dawn!  I "met" Amber when she started the International Charm Day.  For the past few years I've wanted to participate, but always found myself on the road or away.  (This year, I've taken measures to insure my participation.)  What a treasure trove!  The bounty that Amber sent included handmade ornaments, Swarovski crystals, polymer clay charms, and a peyote stitched polymer clay piece with my name on it!  For a better view of the holiday ornament she made visit her blog and CLICK HERE.  She called it "spring in a bottle" and I cannot lie... it definitely evokes happy spring-time feelings.

I'm so lucky to have been able to facilitate this exchange.  I feel very fortunate!  Thank you!

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(((BTW-The empty little glass vase is for water and a bud or tiny flower! It can be worn or hung.)))