Thursday, November 17, 2011

Write It Down...

Sometimes when things just seem too large.. too big to comprehend, it helps to write it down.  And that's what I did.

I made a list of things that were important to me and a list of things that I can do to help promote those life goals.  The lists aren't long, in fact, the more I thought about things... the more they boiled down into a few key elements that cover many facets.  These things I want to nourish and see flourish in healthy abundance.

The deceptive thing about the simplicity of my lists is that it's easy to misread them.  Each person has a different interpretation of what something can mean and how to go about fixing or fortifying it.  A simple theme, like "LOVE" has so many different definitions and aspects already, not to mention that their meanings are tempered by personal experience and personal need.  And I think that's part of the beauty of it... no two individual's lists are exactly alike, even if they appear to say the same thing.

Writing it down does clarify things though.  The act of transforming an abstract thought into something one can hold and look at is an important step of realization and actualization.  Knowing that these lists are scribbled on a piece of paper and not inscribed in stone also helps... because they can grow and change and reflect that moment of time.

These are my good intentions.


SummersStudio said...

I love your important things. As a person with a mind that usually resembles 100's of sparklers firing all at once, I can appreciate the list of important things. Not the list of tasks but the list of life. Good on you, Andrew.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Looks to me like that list has all of the greatest of ingredients. Mostly, if you stay in touch with yourself all of the right things will get the attention they need and life will be balanced.

As to the last one on the list of things to do...on letting go. All anyone can expect is your best effort. After that - It's just not your cross to bare.

Onward and upward Andrew!

TesoriTrovati said...

I am forever writing things down. Then promptly forget where I placed it! But I agree... it all begins with intention and getting it on paper makes it somehow more real and relevant. Thank you for sharing, Andrew! Enjoy the day!
P.S. I was working on the design to the wee hours this morning. Hope to get them the perfect shade this weekend! Stay tuned!