Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day Off...

My roommate at the store and I usually split Wednesdays.  It's something we came up with to help each other free up some time and make our schedules a little easier to bear.

I had a wonderfully productive evening and stayed up late to work.  Now that I have to be at the store early (for me) in the morning and be both functional and relatively pleasant, staying up to work in the quiet of the night is a rare pleasure these days.  I am a night person by nature and my best ideas generally come when everyone else is asleep.  So knowing that I could sleep in, I stayed up.  It was delightful!  The results of my efforts are forthcoming and I'll share in due time.

In any event, it snowed this morning and Laurie told me to just stay home.  (When the weather is bad, it can get mighty slow at the shop.)  So, I thanked my roommate profusely and took her up on her offer in favor of continuing to work at home.

I got a lot accomplished.  I was even about to get some ironing done.  (I have been systematically eliminating all special care clothing items from my closet, but there are still a few things that I still wear and cannot give up that benefit greatly from a good pressing, from time to time.)

I set everything up and went into the other room to grab some starch and came back to the above scene.  Paulo had made a little bed out of the clothes piled on the ironing board waiting to be pressed.  It was so cute and he looked so sleepy and comfortable that I didn't dare wake him.  I guess I won't be wearing that shirt tomorrow.


Kathleen Lange Klik said...

I can't tell you the number of times my dog Twila has made a bed out of my clothes, blankets, pillows...anything soft! Pets are the best!

Joyce said...

It's a good thing the iron hadn't been turned on yet.