Thursday, April 01, 2010

HUGE Shop Update...

Over the past few nights, I've been adding TONS of stuff to my shop. These are some of my favorite things. I'm currently at my maximum capacity and was sort of forced into taking a break. (I've got plenty more where this all came from!)

I added several beads to the dichroic glass section, some to the Artisan Lampwork Glass Section, and even one to the Bob Burkett Beads category. I also added three large PMC focals by Candice Wakumoto to the section devoted to her work. This is the first time I've featured any of her one-of-a-kind pieces and I'm really excited about offering them here since access to them is limited. I'm also REALLY enthusiastic about my new Vintage section on the shop. Since I've started the shop, I've always featured at least one or two vintage pieces of jewelry, but am going all out and liquidating my massive collection of antique jewelry!

So, make sure to stop by the Shop to check out all the updates. Also pop by Cyndi Lavin's Beading Arts blog for a unique opportunity for her readers.


Jeannie said...

I need to win the lottery.

ClickNCamera said...

So many lovely things!