Monday, August 24, 2009


Today is the first day of my vacation. It's hard not to try and work on projects. I think that's one of the down-sides of being in a creative field and being self-employed. The mental gears are constantly turning and it's hard to stop and relax – especially when you love what you do!

Above is a shot of the scenery from a walk taken today. The vistas here in Pennsylvania are breath-taking.

I had fun walking through the woods and looking for various types of fungi. Above are a couple varieties I spotted on the walk.

Driving by, I spotted an entire field full of geese. The above picture is only a sampling of the gaggle of geese, at least fifty strong.

Another great spot on the walk through the woods was an old spring well. There's even a spoon left on cool stones. The cold metal of its handle gave me a glimpse at thirsty wanderers, stopping for a sip.

So far... things are great! I've been enjoying the peace and quiet.


Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Wonderful pictures, Andrew! I especially like the pictures of the fungi. I live in Pittsburgh - I'm guessing these were taken closer to Philly since you were at BeadFest over the weekend?

Jean Hutter said...

I am staying in PA for the whole summer at a lake. I am loving it - not getting much done but enjoying the down time. Tried painting yesterday but I am NOT in the zone - not even near the zone! But I figure the winter is long and I can work then.

Anonymous said...

It's so beautiful there! Looks very relaxing.

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Leslie!

I'm about an hour/ hour and a half away from Pittsburgh. We're exploring the South western territories of this lovely state!

Unknown said...

This is so funny, your mushroom pictures look almost identical to some I had taken a few years ago! I love taking photos of groovy fungus!