Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Day in Manhattan...

We spent today in Manhattan. I've moved further out into the Wilds of Brooklyn and rarely go into the City unless I need something that I can only get there, meeting friends, or showing folks around – like today.

Most of today was spent shopping around and looking at all the different little stores. We started off at Books of Wonder and Skyline Books across the street, then moved over to Anthropologie. While Cynthia was in the Sephora, we took Azalea to the park in Union Square. She had fun swinging on the swings and climbing on the jungle gym.

After playing in the park, we headed over to Forbidden Planet and then to Max Brenner's for some Italian hot chocolate. It was a mad house there and I was surprised with just how busy it was!

We were all pretty tired after running around and decided to head back to the apartment for dinner. We made some 4 Step Chicken (as learnt from the new Next Food Network Star, Melissa D'Arabian), savory mashed sweet potatoes with bacon, and a fresh tomato salad.

I'm already a little heartbroken that tomorrow my family is going back to North Carolina. It's true that I love being independent and enjoy my freedom, but my family has become such an important part of my life and a great source of happiness. We've come such a long way.

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TesoriTrovati said...

How sweet your sentiments about your family. It is so evident that you all love each other very much. That chicken dish that the new Food Network star made did indeed look delish when I saw the finale. I would like to try it sometime.
Enjoy the day! Erin