Friday, August 07, 2009

Deb Wallen's Dolls Model Steampunk Designs...

While we were in Atlanta, we got to hang out with Anne Choi and her friend Deb Wallen. I knew that both of them were into dolls, so I made up a couple of different miniature necklaces for their dolls. For Deb, I made a couple of Steampunk inspired pieces.

Below, Deb had fun with a photo-shoot. The dolls are modeling the necklaces I made. I quite like how they turned out! CLICK HERE for the full photo-shoot on Flickr.

Above is Angelique sporting one of them necklaces.

Above is Narae wearing another of my mini designs.

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Anonymous said...

hey sweet friend. you are such a doll to miss me so much. I wish that I could magically fly to where you are right now and give you a big squooshy hug.
I promise to update THIS weekend :D