Wednesday, March 04, 2015

On the Workbench...

Here is what's on my workbench right now!  I just finished up a batch of resin raven pendants/ornaments.  (Fun Fact:  While I knew that a group of crows was called a "murder", I didn't know a group of ravens was called "an unkindness".  Luckily, there are other names depending on what they're doing.)

On Sunday, the weather was so bad that I stayed home.  I took advantage of the snow day to carve the master, mold it, and pour a few copies.  Then I spent the next few days painting the pieces.
Here's a better picture.  I tried to get a "faux raku" finish in the background.  I think it helps make the raven POP!  It was tricky getting the birds just right.  Ravens are actually quite colorful; the black feathers, like an oil slick, can have an iridescent sheen of purples, greens, and blues.  I tried to do this the first few layers, but they looked like disco birds.  So, I went with glossy black, but all the detail sort of disappeared.  So, I ended up doing a flat black with touches of charcoal gray and the most subtle tiny hints of iridescent color.

This is the master for a bird girl/harpy pendant.  I didn't really set out to make one.  I was doing paperwork and there was a hunk of clay next to me and the next thing I knew, this little creature emerged.  Harpies get a bad rap.  It's interesting to see how a symbol of beauty, spirit and freedom was transformed into a Greek monster.  But that's not surprising.  The patriarchal society was infamous for adopting figures (particularly female figures) from other cultures and demonizing them.  The sphinx is another example of a creature that underwent a smear campaign.  At one point they represented wisdom and sovereignty.  The next thing you know, they are puzzle-fixated monsters that'll eat you if you answer incorrectly!  

In any event, over the next few days, I'll mold the harpy master and do some resin pours.  I'm looking forward to painting them and playing with different color combinations.

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