Monday, March 09, 2015

Fusion Beads 30 Day Bead Challenge: Day 9

After my Day 6 creation that was inspired by the long necklaces of Lady Mary of Downton Abbey, I sort of feel a little deja vu!  The prompt for Day 9 was to "make a sweeping style statement and create a lovely long necklace".

For my piece, I broke out the vintage Czech glass in a purply amethyst, coral beads in a vibrant red, and gold-plated Japanese glass.  I thought about keeping it one continuous strand of beads, but I thought I'd add a little design feature and use a bronze filigree bird from Nina Designs.  The bird can be worn in the front, off to the side, or even in the back.  (Don't forget to mention me if you place an order with them!)  The necklace that I created is long enough that it can be worn once around or doubled up for a fuller, layered look.  I like the mix of gold, purple, and red.  It looks very regal to me!

This was but one day out of a month of challenges!  There's still a lot of great ways to test your creativity and play along!  Celebrate National Craft Month by making something!

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