Friday, June 01, 2012

Fusion Fridays: Chain...

As a member of the blog partnership I got this impressive package filled with chain from Fusion Beads.   I had a great time working with it.  I really wanted to highlight the chain and make it the star of the show.

I dangled some Swarovski crystals with different bits of chain from French earwires.  I love the movement in these.  The crystals sparkle and create beautiful points of light along the neck.
This is a pretty simple bracelet, but I like the chunky layers of the multiple lengths of chain.  The bits of chain are attached to a sterling silver toggle with jump rings.  I think the design is a little edgy.  Kind of like a "biker bracelet".  Depending on the toggle choice, the bracelet could be unisex.
Ball chain is something that I both love and dislike.  I love it for it's ease of use for creating necklaces.  But the application of it is sometimes frustratingly limited.  I decided to use the ball chain that they sent me by dressing it up with some large-holed beads.  It's a simple design that can be added to upon whim or occasion.
I was just smitten with the link chain.  I thought they looked like bones.  So I added a ceramic sugar skull pendant from Gaea and some lucite flower dangles.  I think it makes a fun design.
I decided to go for a second round with the ball chain.  I wanted to do something "more" with it.  I thought about the structure of the chain for awhile and decided to create almost like a Native American-inspired warrior bib-style necklace.  I wire-wrapped elongated hairpipe bone beads.  The pieces fit between the balls, creating an almost breast plate of bone beads.  I needed some visual weight to anchor the piece and decided to use a piece of filigree.  I like the shape and how it mixes the metals up a bit.  I rolled the edge of the filigree to create a bail and strung the ball chain through the roll.

The best part of working with the chain is that these designs came together relatively quickly.  If you're in a pinch getting ready for a show or need to stock up on quick gifts, utilizing chain is a great way to bang out a lot of designs in short order.  Definitely check out Fusion Beads for their great selection of chain!

FTC Disclosure:  The materials provided came courtesy of Fusion Beads free of charge.  This blog post reflects my honest opinions and experiences using the complimentary product.


lunedreams said...

Love the chain with the skull pendant! That is very cool chain, love it used simply as in your piece. I love ball chain too, but didn't use it for the longest time b/c I didn't know how to finish it off. These little findings were a revelation: Super easy to use, and gives a nice tidy end. They also come in antiqued copper and brass, and bright silver and gold plate finish. I also like that I can use a regular clasp with them, instead of the ball chain connector.

Lisa said...

Love all your pieces, though not much of a 'skull' lover, it is still cute. I especially love the earrings, and that multi-chain bracelet. My mother always loved chain jewelry, guess that's where my love for it came from. She always said a chain necklace, or several to mix and match, was essential in a jewelry wardrobe! Love what you did with the last piece, too! Have a great weekend!