Friday, June 08, 2012

Bead&Button: Day One...

I'm pretty worn out, but I wanted to post pictures I took at the show if I could.  It was fun to see all the people that came by.  I always feel as though the big shows, particularly Bead&Button, are kind of like summer camp (or at least what I imagine summer camp would be like).  Everyone is all happy and crafty and away from home.

 Heather Wynn Millican and her son, Henry.  She and her mother make lovely polymer clay pieces.  I wear a cuff bracelet with a quote on it that Heather made every day!

Another delightful polymer clay bead maker, Heather Powers of HumbleBeads.  Heather recently came out with a great new book and is planning all kinds of fun retreats!
 PA, represents!  (Well, Philadelphia area PA, in any event!)  Here's Karen Keegan, Denise Peck, and Leslie Rogalski.  Karen is busily getting ready for BeadFest in August.  Denise is planning the next wire issue and Leslie is always a whirlwind of creative plans!
 Andrea isn't set up here this year, but she stopped by before taking off.  I always enjoy seeing her and love her lampwork beads.  I briefly saw Erin Prais-Hintz sporting a new haircut.  Isn't it cute?  She's darling.  I can't wait to catch up with her more over the course of the weekend!  Erin is having all kinds of challenges and inspirational motivation on her blog!  And we can't forget Kate Richbourg!  She's due to come out with a book from Interweave soon!  I'm very excited!
 Always lovely, Julie Young from Tierra Cast stopped by.  On her necklace she's got the new pinch-bails AND a one-of-a-kind Bob Burkett bead.  The new president of the Great Lakes Bead Guild, Sharon popped by from YaDahSi Beads.  She told me that the name meant "yes" in three different languages.  And Julia, the new editor of Bead&Button magazine came by and was showing the shrink-plastic piece that my niece, Azalea, made for the show.

We just got back from Port Townsend, teaching at ArtFest, where we were set up next to the charming Melissa Manley.  She has been making some pretty awesome enameled pieces lately.  Helena from the Great Lakes Bead Guild swung by to remind us about the show in October.  She's great!  And last but not least in this update is Pamela Hawkins from the new Bead Design Studio Magazine.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see familiar faces from the guild...thanks Andrew.

CraftyHope said...

Oh. . .all the elbow rubbing makes me so envious!! Keep it coming!! :)

TesoriTrovati said...

Hi Andrew! It is always a blast to see the world through your eyes. I love 'meeting' all these people and it helps me when I see them in the future to put names with faces! I didn't get a chance to stop by before I left but it sure was nice to see you and Cynthia again. All the new pieces you have (that deer with the fawn is precious) and to see your booth mobbed as usual. Funny... I got a lot of comments on my hair! ;-) Thank you for the nice comment too! I really enjoy the challenges and hope that someday you can jump in on one! Enjoy the day. Erin

Sharon Wagner said...

Thanks for the double promo for our Guild! We look forward to seeing you at our Bead Bonanza this fall, hope you can come!