Wednesday, January 20, 2010

News from the Trenches...

Time is flying by and it's not necessarily because I'm having fun. Most of my time recently has been spent in a funk. I'm in a rut. No, more like a trench. I've tried not to spread this around, because really, it doesn't do anything. I'd rather be positive and focused on making things, but it's difficult.

The biggest source of my funk is, of course, the issue with the banks and Yury the Ukrainian. It is taking a tremendous amount of effort to get things straightened out. The most I can do is to wait. I have to wait for pending charges to post, for customer service to pick up, for new cards to arrive, for money to go out, for money to go in... it is just frustrating... waiting.

I don't know if it's a result of all the scowling faces and gritted teeth of late, but one of my teeth in the back needs plucking. The nerve is exposed and it makes eating an ordeal. My tooth cracked years ago on the day Reagan died. Coincidentally I cracked it on a jelly bean. I should have gotten it fixed then, but I didn't have time then. I was always too busy. I can't ignore it anymore though, but now a trip to the dentist isn't in the budget and I don't have dental insurance. Sure, the tooth hurts, but what really hurts is the foreknowledge that if something serious were to happen, I'd be up the creek without a paddle.

I guess that's the price one pays for the freedom of a freelancer.

On Saturday I take off for Asheville. I am worried that I won't get everything finished that I had planned to, but I guess you just have to make allowances. I am only human. I can only do so much without wearing myself out. And as I've recently discovered, I'm more fragile than I thought. One false move and I could tumble this precariously stacked house of cards.

After a few days in Asheville spent with the babies, packing for the shows and hopefully doing some bronze and copper clay pressings, Greg and I are driving across country to Tucson. It's the only way we can get everything we need for the shows there without having to spend a fortune on shipping and worrying that something might not show up. It'll be good to get away for awhile, step back and just lose myself in the pace of the shows. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather, shopping, and spending time with my creative friends who I only get to see a handful of times a year. While there, we'll be featuring the work of some excellent people who can't make it this year, like Kelly Russell, Off Center Productions, and Heather Wynn. I'm excited about these additions to our table. I think the work of all of these artists goes marvelously with Green Girl Studios merchandise. While in Tucson, I'm also hoping to meet up with Ellen Steiber, author of A Rumor of Gems. I became acquainted with her work while I was doing research for one of my articles on gemlore and faeries. Hopefully we'll get to sit down and meet face to face.

Back to work for me. There is still yet a mountain of work to do before I can go and I've still got a couple more hours of solid work before rest.


maryharding said...

Enjoy your trip. All that Tucson sunshine should help your "funk". The northeast has been pretty cloudy this winter. And all those fun people and beautiful creations will surely be a fun time.

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks, Mary! I'm looking forward to it. And I'm sure that sunshine will do wonders! I'm even going to pack my swim trunks on the off chance that it's warm enough and I have time for a dip in Kate's Roman Aqueduct Pool.

Michelle said...

Take a bit of time for yourself! (I should talk!) Even if it is 30 minutes. It can be so refreshing to just do nothing and can re-charge you a bit. I've been burning the candle at both ends for over 3 years now and am just now realizing that I do really need a small break to RECHARGE my batteries. I stay positive for everyone, but that really zaps the ol' energy.
Take care of yourself and enjoy your time with your family and in Tucson!
Bead Happy!

Janet said...

Dear Andrew Im really sorry to hear about your tooth they are no fun. I had to help my family member with a tooth problem and my Dr is so fantastic he took payments from me! Ive got excellent insurance but I had to pay for this family member out of my pocket. You know how about a dental college...they are so helpful! Minimum expense. Maybe you can get into one you know where they teach. Many cities have them.
Yury thats a headache situation hopefully hes tazered and cant get up now! Are you doing some Owl bronze pcs? Plz let me know if you have some or youll post about it? I want one!
Many blessings to you...

nina said...

andrew, go easy on yourself for feeling the need to vent, to open up about how you've been feeling. it's HEALTHY to do so. and you know that things will get brighter. i'm so sorry that you've been having such a rough go of it, of late - your spirit is such a beautiful, loving one, your outlook always bright as well. you can't be perfect, my friend. you are loved as you are, so much.
i'm leaving saturday, early, for a teaching stint on ocracoke island. when you get back to asheville from tucson, i wish you could come see me in this lovely part of the world!!! perhaps i can come to asheville - i don't seem to make it there very often these days....then, i leave mid february for the redwoods of california, to teach again. somewhere in there, let's try to have some fun. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ugh, tooth problems! And identity theft problems! That is a funk! I hope you have a nice time on your trip out west and seeing the babies is always a happy occasion.

Rose said...

I know its hard to hear, but it will work out. Everything will get better. Its a cycle. With ups come downs. I had to quit art school because my dad got really sick and I had to work even just to support myself. But with that, I found love. I know. Sappy. Hearing stories like that about other people used to make me cringe... But still. Something wonderful will happen. The tough part is having to fight through life in the meantime.

Once, when my parents didn't have insurance, I was sitting in the living room watching TV and I just hear grunting in the background. I turn around and see my mom standing next to the kitchen sink, an open bottle of Tylenol PM next to her, and her hand tugging hard on a string coming out of her mouth. Home tooth extraction! It scared the crap out of me. But in the Philippines, she didn't have Tylenol so I guess it wasn't so bad to her. My mom is a tough broad. :P

Janet said...

So very Lovely everything you wrote! Many many branches!
Janet ox

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

I am hoping we will be all nice & sun shining. It has been chilly (for Tucson) and rainy.

I hope your tooth gets better soon. I work full time but have no dental insurance either.

Looking forward to seeing you in Tucson!

Funky Monkey Girl,

Spirited Earth said...

this may be of some use to you.
has a list by county of reduce priced dental care.

gina from White Swan Illuminations said...

Sorry about your tooth pain, Andrew. Years ago in one of my many "real" jobs I worked as a dental assistant.
My boss used to tell his patients with pain due to exposed nerves to take sensodyne tooth paste straight from the tube onto your finger and apply it directly around the base of your tooth for a few days. This really works! I've done this many times since then with good results. Have fun at Tucson.

SharonP said...

So sorry to hear about your tooth problem. In the past when I've had tooth pain, I massaged pure clove oil over the face (skin) in the area of pain. I am told that diluting the oil in a few drops of olive oil and rubbed directly on the tooth and gum can lessen the pain. Hope you feel better!

Okay- the word verification for my post is "dentles". Freaky.