Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mailbox Goodies...

I don't leave the house very much these days. The thought of going out into the frosty air and trudge through the snow is violence against my psyche and mind that I simply cannot commit. I don't mind though. I like being being huddled up with my work. Some are prone to cabin fever; I'm not. I could be holed up for months, never leaving, and be perfectly content.
This is not as solitary as it may sound. Being connected to the internet enables me to keep in touch with nearly everyone I need to. I've also gotten some goodies in the mail.

I wrote on my Twitter and Facebook account that I thought "Santa forgot my carnivorous plant jungle." Not long after, I received an unexpected package in the mail! Looks like Santa didn't forget after-all! I got a plastic terrarium filled with a Venus Flytrap, a Sundew, and a Sarracenia. Unfortunately one of the plants leaked a little and the muddy water combined with the "snowman pooh" packing peanuts and the invoice was almost completely indecipherable. All I could make out was, "I enjoy reading your blog." Thank you, Mysterious Blog Reader! Please EMAIL me if you were the one to send me the present and I'll drop a thank you gift in the post for you.

Another thing that has made me feel more at home was a housewarming gift sent from Tucson. After being on the road so long, I am now finally settling in. The musical ceramic owl friend is by the amazing Allison Shock! Not only is it a work of art, but if you blow on the tail it makes various "hooing" sounds. What a lucky boy I am! I've been coveting Allison's work for a long time now, but have never met her or been at one of the shows she sells at. I thought I might be destined never to own my own piece, ever admiring the collections of others. (I placed my new owl friend next to the succulents so that he feels more at home.)

After the End of the Year Super Sale, I decided to treat myself to a little present of my own. I got a Brown Violet butterfly print from the skilled, Greenville, SC-based artist, Annie Koelle. I believe that when you make money off of the work of your hands, part of it should go back to other artists. It's good karma and promotes synergy in the creative community. Annie and her husband's work is striking and beautiful AND budget friendly! Although I believe in supporting other artists, I have to be realistic and can't go hog wild. Luckily there are options for collecting their work without having to illegally sell off vital organs on the black market. I highly recommend their work! Don't forget to check out their blog!

Speaking of sales, I'm trying to liquidate all of the remaining items in the Sale Section to make room for new items (BigCartel has a limit of 100 products, even with the best plan). That means that I've slashed the prices even more! Some of the items are over 75% off their original price tags and there are several items up for grabs that are less than a dollar. CLICK HERE to check out the Sale Section.


Lynn said...

That's a great looking owl!

Margot Potter said...

You sound happy and content. I also tend to burrow into the studio in the winter. I hate being cold and I love creating without distractions.

Enjoy this new life you've created, my friend.


jennifer said...

love the owl to death!