Thursday, January 21, 2010

36 Hour Tooth Fairy Sale...

I've just uploaded a bunch of new stuff to the sale section of my shop. I've got a bunch of loose components AND finally some finished jewelry all at drastically reduced prices. Many of the items are going for a pittance of what they were originally acquired for. Today at 2PM (EST) the 36 Hour Tooth Fairy Sale begins! I had thought about calling it the 36 Hour Exploding Tooth Sale, but thought that it had too many negative-KGB-cyanide-suicide-tooth-capsule connotations. Instead I'm focusing on the whimsy of the Tooth Fairy image to carry me through this funk. In any event, the items in the sale section of my shop will only be available until Friday evening (or rather Saturday early in the morning) at 2 AM (EST). I will then take them down and pack the orders up with wild abandon to drop them in the post before my afternoon flight. CLICK HERE to visit the sale section and take a look.

Save on top of the savings by using the promotional code "TOOTHFAIRY" at the time of checkout to receive an additional 5% off of everything in the shop. This code will also expire at 2 AM Saturday morning. Make sure to drop by the shop, because I've added lots of goodies – the kind of goodies that won't rot your teeth and require the services of the "real" Tooth Fairy.

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Lorelei said...

i hope you get your tooth fixed soon. just the thought of it makes my teeth hurt.
i took advantage of the sale and picked up a coupla skulls from LPA, and a cool pendant from Candace. they rock. i'm excited to get them. :) i hope it helps your tooth fund. or your tucson fund. whichever comes first. xox