Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Morning...

I've been trying to be good about budgeting. Tucson is just around the corner and I want to pick up some goodies without breaking the bank. (Not to mention pay off all those nasty student loans I've got.) I've done away with a lot of the little luxuries that I used to pamper myself with. One of them is taking cabs or a car service. It adds up quickly and I have a monthly MetroCard - so, taking a car really isn't logical or environmentally-friendly. However, every now and then, I like to splurge on a car ride across the bridge on a Sunday morning. The streets are still and quiet, and the view from the Williamsburg bridge zipping by is invigorating. (On any other given day or at any other particular time, the traffic gets rather burdensome and completely undoes the magic.) It's also a quick trip to work via car, which allows me to steal a couple of extra minutes of much needed sleep. When I'm exhausted, every little thing to make me happy is welcome and appreciated greatly.


Margot Potter said...

Andrew Thornton

My friend, that sounds so delightful. I too enjoy a bit of luxurious guilty pleasure in my life, scattered amongst the drudgeries of day to day.

I will be in Tucson indeed. I'm going to teach two classes on woven wire and bead bracelets and do two book signings/demos for Swarovski. I would so love to see you! I'll defintely be at the party...maybe this year I'll wear my real hair instead of a candy colored wig...but one never knows!

Email me for my cell # at


Andrew Thornton said...

Oh! It'll be great to see you! I do remember candy colored wigs from the party... so perhaps it's a good thing. Maybe I'll get myself one. Is there a theme this year? I remember there was a 70's theme one... with people with holsters on with shot glasses and bottles of vodka. Perhaps we'll do the same for the Green Girl party. Though I remember people being very very drunk and wobbling all about... so perhaps not.

Can't wait to see you!