Saturday, April 16, 2016

Coming Soon...

One of my favorite events in town is the Ligonier Art Walk.  We help put it together and I'm super proud of it.  It's a special day dedicated to the arts and creativity!  The participating art venues all have exhibitions or activities geared towards the arts.  I love seeing people walking around town and exploring all the shops and talking about their favorite pieces they've seen throughout the day.  It's a wonderful celebration of the creative spark!  For such a small community, we're fortunate to have so many places to see and experience art.

Take a look at the line-up!  It's jam-packed with talent.  All of the venues are representing different facets of art and are shining a light on different artistic voices, some local and some from abroad.  There are seven participating venues this time.

At Allegory Gallery, we're having a really cool show called, "3X3".  (You'll notice that this is a reoccurring theme.)  We're showing the work of NINE artists from across the country!  All of them will have nine pieces depicting their unique styles and vision.  Each of the pieces in the show measures approximately 3"X3" and are all affordably priced.  The idea of the show is to highlight a cross-section of some of our favorite artists that we've worked with over the years and encourage people to add pieces to their collections.  The display becomes a living work of art as pieces are purchased and removed from the wall.  We will be showing the work of Elise Wells (Ligonier, PA), Theodore Bohla (Pittsburgh, PA), Cheyanne Anderson (New Florence, PA), Cynthia Thornton (Asheville, NC), Wendy Wallin Manilow (Portland, OR), LES Polinko (Pittsburgh, PA), Shirleah Kelly (Greensburg, PA), Todd Beisel (Johnstown, PA), and Joan Tucker (Seattle, WA).  It's a really exciting group of artists and I'm sure they'll do a wonderful job in expressing their unique voices!

So mark your calendars!  The Ligonier Art Walk is scheduled for Saturday, May 28th!  To keep up to date with all of the activities, CLICK HERE to check out the Ligonier Art Walk Facebook page.

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