Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Allegory Gallery Presents: Creative Camp 2016...

Last year, Heather Powers of Humble Beads came to Ligonier, PA for a workshop hosted by Allegory Gallery.  We had so much fun!  By the end of it, we were already plotting ways we could all get back together and see each other again for more creative fun.  As we were talking, we started to throw around ideas and the idea to have a "summer camp" for jewelry-makers and people interested in the arts came up!  Thusly, the Creative Camp was born!

The Creative Camp will feature workshops by Eva Sherman, Heather Powers, and Cynthia Thornton. The topics of their workshops spotlight techniques like soldering, working with metal clay, "metal sketching", and playing with fibers.  It's a really wonderful chance to work with some of the leading names in the jewelry-making world!

Simple Soldered Silver Wire Rings Class by Eva Sherman

Simple Soldered Silver Sheet Rings Class by Eva Sherman

Sweetest Song Metal Sketch Class by Heather Powers

Luna Moth Metal Sketch Class by Heather Powers

Alchemical Bronze Medallion Class by Cynthia Thornton

Tide Pools Necklace Class by Cynthia Thornton

To find out more, CLICK HERE.  Sign-ups start at 11AM on Wednesday, April 6th!  Space is limited, so make sure to sign up quick!  We have all kinds of fun events and activities planned to supplement our classes held in our picturesque town nestled in the stunning Laurel Highlands.  I hope you'll get to join us!

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