Sunday, February 14, 2016

Creative heART Challenge: Day 7...

I don't have many offerings today and I probably won't have many for the next few days.  I think one of the hardest parts of this challenge is that the way that I work.  I tend to work on things in layers and a little at a time.  So it can seem like I'm not very productive, when in actuality, I've been busily working away.

I think one of the other hurdles for me is that time moves in a slip-slide fashion for me.  I don't keep regular hours, so keeping track of time and days is tricky for me.  It doesn't help that when I'm working, I could sit down for what seems like 15 minutes and then when I look up, hours have passed.  I get so lost in my work sometimes.

This necklace may look relatively simple and for all intensive purposes, it is.  The beads though have been in my collection for years.  One of my first loves in the bead world was opalescent glass.  I was bewitched by how it seems like it is lit from within.  This necklace features vintage Mali Wedding beads.  Normally, when you buy Mali wedding beads (originally made in what is now the Czech Republic for trade in Africa), you get a bright, multi-colored assortment.  I ended up picking through thousands of beads to pick out these!  The sterling silver toggle comes by way of Saki Silver.  It's apt that it's a heart, because I love these beads!

This necklace features a bunch of aquamarine.  I love aquamarine.  It has such a shimmery, beautiful light blue color.  I mixed an assortment of different cuts with some vintage seed beads and Czech glass rounds.  I think the piece looks light and airy.  The toggle comes courtesy of my family at Green Girl Studios.  It's sterling silver.  While I was digging through boxes, I found a cache of projects that I made for magazines from years ago.  I ended up cannibalizing them for their parts.  The toggle is one of the pieces that I harvested!  

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