Sunday, February 21, 2016

Creative heART Challenge: Day 14...

I have to admit that I've been enjoying falling down the rabbit hole with these paintings.  I stayed up all night painting this one.  In retrospect and after looking at it a bit, I was thinking more fire elemental and less She-Devil.  I guess it could go either way.

When I started this series, I rounded up a bunch of old paintings and collages.  I cut up the collages and reconfigured them on top of the old canvases.  Once the glue is dry, I build up layers of different mediums to create a more uniform painting surface.  Then, with acrylic paints, I add washes and very Expressionistic brushwork.  After the space has been fleshed out, I figure out where I want to place my "figure".  Depending on the composition, the "figure" can take on several different forms and isn't altogether humanoid.  Finally, after I've pulled a character from the silhouette, I paint a face, collage it on the painting and add embellishments and details depending on the personality of the character.  I used to be really inspired by Aboriginal artwork and the dot-work sometimes emerges in my paintings.

To take a closer look and to purchase it, CLICK HERE.

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