Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Behind Splendid Processions...

I've wanted to do a Faerie themed Design Kit for awhile now.  But I never found just the right opportunity.  That is until I started examining a strand of watermelon tourmaline.  The colors were so rich and juicy.  I gathered other strands of tourmaline and kept looking at them and playing with them and studying them.  I noticed that even though they were all the same stone, the colors were so different.  The tourmaline comes in shades of chromium-rich green, pale pinks, blues, ambers, inky blacks and color-change browns.  It made me think of brightly colored faerie processions filled with elaborate costumes and interesting creatures.  Here are few images of splendid processions throughout art.
"The Royal Processional" by James C. Christensen

Cover of "Drawing Down the Moon" by Charles Vess

"Procession of Twelve Good Faeries" from Sleeping Beauty by Errol Le Cain

"Procession" by Molly Brett

"Psyches Wedding" by Edward Burne-Jones

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