Monday, February 02, 2015

New from Swarovski...

Swarovski just announced their Spring/Summer 2016 collection.  It includes quite a few new innovations.  Here are some of the highlights:

The newest color to be added to their rainbow of colors: Blush Rose. It reminds me of a paler version of Padparadscha or a deeper Vintage Rose.  It actually brings to mind the Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala.  They have also added a bright new effect: Crystal Metallic Sunshine.  This isn't the only effect they've launched.  They also debuted Crystal Light Chrome, but it is only available in flatbacks.

Another innovation that they've introduced is the Crystal LacquerPRO Effects.  Instead of the regular foil backings, they've added pastel colors to the backs.  It gives the crystal an inner color that's different from a coating on the exterior of the crystal.  The different facets pick up the color, giving it an opalescent appearance.

The Spring/Summer debut brought a bunch of new shapes.  It seems as though they've embraced Eastern Philosophies with the new shapes, as there's the addition of a Buddha-shaped fancy stone and a Buddha pendant.  There's also a Hamsa or Hand of Fatima fancy stone.  More additions include a crescent moon and a Greek equal-armed cross.

Perhaps one of the biggest new product is their smallest to date!  They've just unveiled the Xero, which is the smallest machine cut crystal chaton.  The new chatons are TINY!  
Swarovski has also been working on new colors for their crystal pearls.  The new colors remind me of an Easter Egg basket with pale pinks, yellows, robins egg blues, and silver grays.

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