Thursday, February 05, 2015

More Work Bench Musings...

Whenever I thinking about doing a work bench post, I imagine the voice of Samuel L. Jackson à la Capital One commercial saying, "What's on your work bench?"

I've been keeping busy making porcelain components.  I started making these organic, misshapen beads.  I've also been making these disc-shaped beads.  I have this idea that eventually I'll put them together in little bundles or groupings.  I want to finish up a couple other textures and colors before I do that though.

Keeping with the latest mermaid inspiration, I've been putting together mermaid dolls.  I sculpted the head/torso with the idea of a carved figurehead on the prow of a ship.  I was going to make the little dolls super detailed... but then I started looking at Queen Anne style dolls and prims and thought about doing more stylized fish tales and arms.  They'll be rudimentarily articulated, to provide some movement.  I don't really want to carve the backs or get too finicky, so I might add bails and turn these into ornaments.

I like that even though I molded and cast the head/torso, each of the tails and arms (not shown) are all different and each piece will be one-of-a-kind.  I'm also going to do some really different paint jobs, making them even more unique.

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