Wednesday, February 04, 2015

February Halcraft Pretty Palettes...

I was delighted to receive an invitation from Erin Prais-Hintz asking if I'd be interested in participating as a Pretty Palettes partner!  It is an honor to be counted amongst such a talented group of artisans.  Many thanks, Erin!

If you're not familiar with Pretty Palettes, it's a design challenge created by the illustrious Erin Prais-Hintz.  She selects an image, creates a color palette, and curates a selection of beads that can be purchased at your local Michaels.  At the end of the month, there's a reveal!

For February, she selected a fisheye photograph by Petr Hor├ílek called, "A Sky Portal in New Zealand".  It's a really striking image.  It shows an airglow that is surrounded by a peripheral landscape peopled by his sister and an acquaintance.  It's funny that Erin selected this image and thought of me.  Ligonier actually has an airglow observatory!  The last time I trekked out to see it, there were swarms of bees and it looked pretty abandoned, but it is still a cool landmark.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our Airglow Observatory.

Want to see what beads Erin picked out for this challenge?  CLICK HERE to see the spread and check out the itemized list.  I'd love to see what you'd make with these beads!  If you're so inclined, drop by your local Michaels, pick up some pretties, and play along!  The reveal is set for February 25th!

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TesoriTrovati said...

So glad that I am your friend, Andrew and that you were willing to play along with me. Your sneak peek is very mysterious! And how cool that you have an airglow observatory in your area! It was fate! Enjoy the day. Erin