Sunday, January 26, 2014

Locked Hearts...

Another heart-themed project that I have been working on are these locked hearts.  They have an aluminum foil core and a textured polymer clay exterior.  I've used a bunch of different colorants, like acrylic paints, alcohol inks, colored waxes, and Glider's Paste to bring the hearts to life!  I had some of these great little keyhole components from Cathy Collison of the Trinket Foundry and used those as the focals.  The keyholes are cut from silver-plated serving trays and have a great vintage feel.  To hold them in place, I nailed them in with finishing nails.  To make them really POP, used a little bit of dark acrylic paint.

Right now they're sculptures that rest as they are shown in the picture, but I could easily add a bail to hang them from the ceiling, or add a hanger on the back so that they can be hung on the wall.  Even though they're fairly substantial in size, they're pretty lightweight.  I'm really pleased with these and am thinking about making some that are hinged, so that they can open and close.

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Shai Williams said...

Those are gorgeous!