Saturday, January 18, 2014

From the Vault: Birds of a Feather...

I worked up this piece after I got the (then) new bird piece from my family at Green Girl Studios.  I paired the link with turquoise, freshwater pearls, polymer clay from HumbleBeads, a ceramic piece from Nancy (Schindler) Adams of Round Rabbit, and a carved horn feather as the focal.  The stones, feather, clasp, and feather all come from our collection at Allegory Gallery.  I love how the freshwater pearls and copper pick up the earthy, golden browns in the turquoise.  I was really pleased with how well everything came together.  Sometimes things just work.  Even though it's an asymmetrical piece, the balance is just right, thematically everything seemed to fit and tell a story, and the colors seem to all harmonize.

It's a shame that I never sent it off.  It just sat on my kitchen counter in a pile with other pieces waiting for me to write instructions.  I recently uncovered it as I was organizing and thought I would share it.

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Aranthe said...

That's a beautiful balance you've achieved with asymmetry. It has a very peaceful look about it.