Friday, January 17, 2014

From the Vault: Zenith...

I made this piece after I saw Abbi of Art Metal Components by Anju from The Bead Place at a trade show.  I was really inspired by the focal piece and came up with this edgy design.  It looks way better when it's worn, because the chain has tension and the lines make sense.  It's almost like the line motif at the top of the pendant continues upward with the horizontal chain.  When it's worn, the lower portion of necklace becomes more than just the foundation of the piece, but part of the focal.  Everything came together when I was working with the pendant.  I used pyrite rounds with a metallic sheen, gray labradorite, and copper accent beads (and a toggle).  Each of the elements mirror the color palette of the mixed metal pendant and forces the eye to move completely around the piece.

While I really liked this piece, unfortunately it didn't fit into the vision of the publication staff and was passed over.  It's okay though.  I'm still pleased with the way it turn out.

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