Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Zoë Keating at Club Cafe...

Despite being a little over a hour away from Pittsburgh, I must admit that we rarely make it in town.  There always seems like there is an endless list of things to do at home and in the local community.  But… Zoë Keating was in town and I knew that if I could make it happen, I definitely wanted to!

If you're a fan of the CBS show, Elementary, you might recognize Zoë's work from season one.  Her work was featured in the soundtrack, and I think went perfectly with the quirky suspense and mystery of the show.

Besides being the soundtrack of a popular television program, at any given time you might stumble into my studio with her music on repeat.  I knew her work before the show and used it as my own soundtrack.  Her music has such a mythic quality.  I love to work to it.  She plays the cello and works with layers.  It would be easy to imagine her playing with a whole fleet of musicians and an entire orchestra, but she plays solo and has a laptop (that she uses her foot to control) to create those multiple layers that weave together.  Her music has such energy and evokes such a powerful emotional response.  When she uses her cello to create the percussion tracks, I can literally feel my heart beat faster.  It's kind of like running through the woods in some fairy tale.

Seeing her perform in person was really a treat.  I was familiar with the selections, and it was interesting to see how she builds the music, layer by layer.  She really has a focused intensity and does such a wonderful job storytelling with music.

It was a lovely distraction and I'm glad that we could brave the elements and make it to town to see her play.  The space was packed and very intimate.  I was pleased to see the show sold out and filled to capacity.  Zoë Keating is highly deserving and I definitely recommend listening to her music.  CLICK HERE to visit her website.


Mary K. McGraw said...

Thanks for the link. I played her music and liked it, so downloaded an album.

Bright Circle said...

Aha, so this is the woman who has contributed so much to one of my favourite new shows! Music in television can be so overlooked, but it plays such an integral role in the character of a show.