Monday, June 03, 2013

SWARM Street Team...

I remember in the 90's there was a huge surge of boy bands in pop culture.  One of the techniques that they used to boost fandom (particularly before a show) was to create "street teams" in the cities that they were scheduled to play in.  Before the concert, the street teams would post flyers, relentlessly call radio stations requesting their songs, and basically spread the word to anyone who would listen... and in some cases, even to those who weren't that interested.

As the details of the Fall SWARM (Society of Working Artists Retreat and Meet-up) Event begin to take shape, we're looking to start our own version of a Street Team.  We're looking for people who are enthusiastic about spreading the word about creative education and helping promote our retreat in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  You don't have to be a local to help.  We're looking for folks who are willing to pass along information through social media or through their networks of creative individuals like guilds, bead societies, craft clubs... etc.  We want as many people to know about what we're doing as possible!  Since this is our first BIG event, we really want to start out on a good foot and grow this event into something really special.

If you're interested in supporting the cause, CLICK HERE to visit the SWARM Facebook page.  It's still under construction, but will shape up in short order.  Liking us there will help you stay in contact with what we're doing... and if you're so inclined, provide you information to share.

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