Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Open Table Tuesday Fun...

Last night, we hosted Open Table Tuesday at Allegory Gallery.  It's an informal gathering where you can create in a group setting.  There's no fee.  There's no instruction.  It's just good solid making amongst other creative minds.

Before we had the store, I was acutely aware of the solitude my practice as an artist created.  I would champ at the bit for the next big show or art event, so that I could see "people of my tribe".  There's just something magical that happens when you get a group of creative people together.  When the doors of our space finally opened, I knew that I wanted to offer an event like this.  Gina Chalfant and Karen Shablik encouraged me to host the event and told me stories about their own experiences with groups like this.  I didn't know how it would go and honestly, the first couple attempts were a little sad.  But eventually things started to shape up and develop.

Last night was a wonderful evening; lots of laughs and show-and-tells.  I'm really pleased that this project is taking off and people are coming out every second Tuesday to leave their cares behind and have a good time.

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