Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 I regret to say that I didn't take more pictures while at Uwajimaya in Seattle.  Once we made it through the food court, I have to admit that our senses went into cute overload and I kept saying, "Oh that's cute!  Oh that's cute!  That's cute too!  And that's cute!"  From the stationary to the packaging, the clean Asian aesthetic and just down right adorableness transformed the mundane into charming, sweet and almost irresistable.  I even tried rationalizing buying a $20 roll of masking tape because it had little sakura blossoms in bubblegum pink with big-eyed kitties on it.  It was hard to restrain myself from picking up everything with a portly lucky cat, chubby owl, or smiling tanuki on it.  Somehow I did and managed to leave with only a few treasures.

 One of the things that I miss about New York is Beard Papa's.  I used to work around the corner from one and would often times get a cream puff before I went into work.
 I really love the freshness of the cream puffs they make.  Everything is filled on the spot, so they aren't soggy.  The fillings also don't have that "artificial flavoring" taste and are certainly not dyed-custard yellow.  The freshness makes them airy treats that went down quickly!
 Cynthia and I decided to split a vanilla cream puff and a green tea one.  They were SO GOOD!

 It was hard to pick any one place, so we just made our way down the food court, sampling different treats.  One of our stops was the Saigon Bistro.
We got two shrimp salad rolls with a sweet dipping sauce and some vanilla sodas.

After we finished up in the food court, we rushed through the isles trying to take in as much as we could before we had to leave.  If I didn't have to worry about how heavy my luggage would be, I'd be in bad trouble!  I could have easily filled a suitcase full of Asian groceries that are not easily located here in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


Cyndi J said...

Oh, sounds so lovely. I would have had a hard time, too, resisting pink tape with sakura blossoms on it. And you would have had to buy your own cream puff because I wouldn't share.

Joann Loos said...

I take it you didn't make it into the bookstore area? It's got a great selection of Japanese beading books LOL. We like to go to the food court before concerts and outings in Seattle. The little french pastry shop there is pretty good too.


Michale said...

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Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

I never heard of Beard Papa's before. :) Are/were they in NYC?
Thank you for sharing this post. :) I love cute places with fun food!