Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trillium Components...

After my last post about the trilliums that have come up, I thought about the piece that I made inspired by the flower.  I was curious if there were any other artists who were moved by this spring-time muse and decided to compile a small list.

The above picture is a bronze pendant that I made featuring a trillium.
From left to right:  Lampwork glass trillium by Margaret Neher.  Laser-cut wooden pendant by Shannon Henry.  Sterling silver pendant by Samara Jewelry Designs.  
From left to right:  Hand-painted river rock pendant by geminiriverrocks on Etsy. Ceramic pendant by DolcezzaMia on Etsy.  Stoneware tile with sterling bail pendant by northfirestudio on Etsy.
From left to right:  Carved carnelian pendant by Laughing Bird Beads.  Copper-capped lampwork glass focal bead by beadaddict on Etsy.  Lampwork trillium focal pendants by JessicaLandau on Etsy.  Glass charm by DonkeyFarm on Etsy.


Gardanne said...

This woodland flower is the strongest memory I have of my childhood. We had a beautiful woodland behind our house and your pictures in the previous post is just what it looked like in Spring. They are a fickle plant they can lay dormant for decades and not decide to appear until the conditions are perfect. Maybe I will try my hand at a trillium bead.

Anonymous said...

Cool to see how such Beauty inspires more beauty! Thank you for posting these, have never seen them b4. Can't wait to do something with your trillium piece.