Monday, April 09, 2012

Port Townsend...

Even though our time in Port Townsend was limited, Cynthia and I did get a chance to walk around briefly.  I really enjoyed seeing the town and all the little shops.  The vibe of the town was warm and welcoming... even though it was chilly and rainy.  It was evident that the shop-owners took a lot of pride in their stores – creating clever displays and offering up unique treasures.  

 Above is a shot of "the Fountain" that I was told to seek out.  The student who told us about the fountain neglected to mention that the central figure was bare-breasted.  I imagine she got a lot of chuckles throughout the weekend, sending other ArtFest attendees who were more sensitive to nudity than me!

 Along the streets, in hanging baskets and in planters were beautiful flowers.  Another sign of town pride.  They looked even more lovely in the diffused light, vivid in the silky grey light.  These jasmine hung low over the entrance of a shop, forcing those who entered to brush the bowers of blossoms.  This action sent up wafts of intoxicating sweetness.
While waiting for Cynthia to finish up in one of the shops, I was pleasantly surprised by two boys with violins.  They were REALLY GOOD!  As the boys deftly played their instruments, a group gathered around them in admiration.  What the picture doesn't show is that the temperature had dropped and it had begun to drizzle.  Still they played on.

Although short, we had a nice stroll around the town.  I wish that we had longer to look around and time enough to sample all the cafes and charming restaurants.  Maybe another time.


Jamie-Lynn said...

Seems like a nice town!

LisaS said...

-Sounds like a wonderful visit ;)