Friday, September 30, 2011

September Reader's Challenge UPDATE...

Several curveballs were thrown at the September Reader's Challenge.  First there were delays in getting some of the components to send out, then earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and the wrong customs forms.  The latter resulted in the biggest setback and a stack of returned packages that had to be sent out a second time (with the correct forms).

Navigating everything so that everyone involved is mostly happy has been... interesting.  It has been "interesting" in that challenging kind of way, like moving puzzle pieces around.

The original reveal date was scheduled for September 30th.  Some of the participants managed to get everything done and posted by this date.  (Good job!)  Unfortunately many of the others didn't get a chance to complete their pieces by this date or were unable to get pictures by the deadline or in some cases didn't even receive their kits yet!  So, there will be two more "unofficial" reveal dates that I hope everyone participates in.  The first of the two new reveal dates will be tomorrow, October 1st.  The second will be October 12th.  Hopefully everyone will get a chance to showcase their hard-work and share the pieces that they created.

In the meantime, above is a little sneak peek of my piece.  Tomorrow, I will be posting all of my piece and the pieces by Christina Porter and Darby Lohrding.  I will also post the list of participants who have already revealed their creations or plan to do so on the first as well.

Sorry for all the confusion and the delays!  As I said it has been... interesting... dealing with everything.

The kit for October will be debuting soon.  I have added an additional ten kits, due to the popular demand last time and hope that will help more people participate.  Let's all cross our fingers that next month's challenge will run much more smoothly!!!

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