Friday, September 09, 2011

One Last Push...

The Weekly Word for this week is, "happenstance". It's an apt word. Lately my primary focus has been Allegory Gallery. The very idea of this creative space was the result of a series of very fortuitous events. Had a single one not happened, everything would be completely different; the conception of Allegory Gallery would just be a "one-day-maybe" seed in the back of our minds to be possibly planted in the far-flung future. But as luck... or providence... would have it, things are steady moving forward and the opening of Allegory Gallery is less than a week away!

Even with a healthy dose of Destiny, the opening of the gallery hasn't been without a considerable amount of effort and hard work. Many late, sleepless nights have been spent on this project. My nose has seriously been pressed firmly against the grindstone. I had almost missed this fallen leaf – a true sign that autumn is here, slowly settling in. The seasons are changing, perhaps a metaphor for how much my life is changing. Each day draws me closer to a new way of thinking, of doing and on a fundamental level... being.

There is still much to do before the gallery can open. Another series of events has delayed the opening, pushing it back to the 15th, and prevented us from starting this new chapter. On one hand, it's a blessing to have extra time to prepare. The pace, while steady, is less frantic and we can calmly assess problems and enact solutions we might not have thought of had we had less time to think things through. On another, the delay means that no income is coming in from the gallery and we are slowly hemorrhaging funds until we do open and can staunch the gush of money with incoming sales.

So, while the Fundraiser is technically "over", there will be one last push to raise funds to get things done and help assuage the loss of moneys while we still remain unopened. Keep an eye open later today for me to temporarily bring back Mixed Lots and post items for auction on Ebay. I will be devoting this weekend towards the last push to get the doors open.

(If you are still waiting for goodies from the last fundraising effort, the last of the packages was put in the post yesterday and should be arriving shortly! For packages that were already shipped out, I am told that delivery has been slowed over the past week due to extreme weather conditions and the holiday weekend. Sorry for the delay!)

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My Life Under the Bus said...

So excited for you! Keep taking those leaf breaks - you'll need them ! : )