Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Transformations and Possibilities...

Remember this picture of the Store taken a few weeks ago? Take special notice of the gelato machine and the deli counters. (Behind the counters were more kitchen counters of the particle board and laminate variety and a small sink).

Take a look at the space now! The counters have been removed and it seems so much lighter and brighter now that the window isn't halfway blocked.

It needs some paint and display, but I'm already excited about the transformation of the space. We're going to keep the blue and I'm thinking that the tin wainscoting will be a silver or a metallic slate (like the small section in picture above).

We're going to move the small refrigerator to the back in the new studio space, which has also undergone a transformation of its own. The Snapple fridge will stay, but I'm thinking of decorating it with some vinyl stickers to make it less Snapple-tastic.

The Project Space will be a really cool "movable" wall where the small-scale art exhibits can be hung. The especially nice thing about it being movable is that the configuration of the room can change and isn't committed to one look.

I'd love to get some vintage dress forms, some fancy birdcages and some nice area rugs. I'd also really like to put an outdoor rug in the courtyard space and add some benches and planters out there. Maybe even use it as a secondary project space featuring outdoor sculpture or installation art.

The great thing about this space is that it's a blank slate and that there are so many possibilities.


SummersStudio said...

This is an amazing space. It is so open now with all of the gelato buisiness moved out. Heaps of potential and I know you will be able to make it all happen beautifully. Now I just have to be patient and wait for it to unfold. Because really, I can't wait to see it and I am so very happy for you to find this opportunity.

Andrew Thornton said...

I am stressed 100% right now. I know it could be worse. I am just trying to stay focused and not slump into a depression. I know that when the store is actually open, things will be easier. It's just about laying the groundwork now.

Kathy Van Kleeck said...

Hey Andrew! Looks amazing! I heard you're headed this way for a couple of weeks. I'll be gone Sat. through the Wed. the 17th, but would love to get together after that ... if you have time. BTW, if you want to do some brainstorming, I'm a really good display person.
Congratulations on all your progress!

Lindsay Burke said...

it is looking great! i can't wait to see pictures of the finished shop. i'm so excited for you!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Kathy!

I'll be there for a week. I'm leaving Friday night and will be there until Friday, possibly Thursday. It's a short trip. We're supposed to be crafting our brains out.

So far my jeep is not cooperating. I was supposed to leave tonight.

But I would love to have a chat 'n' chew.

Anonymous said...

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Courtney Breul said...

The space looks wonderful! I can't wait to see how you fill it. It will be amazing.

Anonymous said...

What a great looking space! Endless possibilities!

Heather Powers said...

It's a great blank slate and sounds like you have some amazing plans. It will be a magical place when it's done. Just keep picturing what you want it to be and focus on that vision when the stress starts to get to you. Good luck and take care!

Anonymous said...

Wow amazing! Wrangling down a dream is exhausting work- but you doing it all with bells & whistles ;).
Such a cool store name!

Erin Siegel said...

It's looking great, Andrew. It's going to be a beautiful space, it really looks great already. I'm so glad you jump in and took the plunge! Good for you, most people don't have the courage, insight or faith to follow through with their dreams. I'm so, so VERY proud of you!!! You go. This will open so many amazing doors for you. I know you already know all of this, but conformation is nice. :)

Margot Potter said...

Reminds me of our old gallery, Oroboros. We rehabbed it from top to bottom and used a lot of architectural finds for displays, also Ikea proved a very, very good source for inexpensive shelving that didn't detract from the vibe we wanted. If you're close to Pittsburgh, I bet you can find some cool salvage there.

It was a lot of fun, a lot of work and there were a lot of sleepless nights during those five years, but I'm really glad we did it and I know you will be too. In fact, that store was the key to the career I have now!

If you need some good wholesale sources for cool and unique gifts and beads, just drop me a line. I know where to find the good stuff!


Cathie Carroll said...


When you get all done, you could send photos to Before and After on Design Sponge-

The tin is beautiful and exposing it and that window will really make the room.

Warm regards,


Rebecca said...

What an amazing space this is going to be! It's so full of potential already.