Saturday, August 13, 2011

Long Days of Summer Jewelry Challenge...

Charlene Sevier of The Bead Dreamer blog was kind enough to host, "The Long Days of Summer Jewelry Challenge"! She called together a group of jewelry designers and bloggers to share their summer-themed pieces!

When I think of summer, I think of warmth and the sun. I translated these impressions into a jewelry piece using bright bronze and brass pieces, sponge coral, and amber. Both coral and amber are derived from once living things... coral from the ocean reefs and amber from primordial conifer forests. Summer is a time when things are bursting with life.

As a focal, I used a polymer clay pendant from Heather Wynn-Millican of Swoon Dimples. It reads, "you bring my life joy". It has a warm, buttery glow and a rich patina. I think the quote captures the feeling of freedom that summer imparts. As an accent, I used a topaz Swarovski crystal from Fusion Beads. The piece is light and airy and I think a perfect tribute to the long days of summer.

Want to see what my fellow challengers cooked up? Check them out:

1. ME!
4. Mary Ellen Parker –
6. Charlene Sevier –


Alice said...


What a pretty piece! I love the summery colors and the sweet message! I'm headed now to see what the others created.

Charlene said...


I love it and your inspiration for it. Just lovely! I'm so glad you participated.

m.e. said...

You have captured some hot Summer Sunshine !!! The metal tone seems to mimic the deep shadows that sun can cast.
Love the leafy bit of chain and the wonderful bird toggle.
This design could warm me up on the coldest Winter Day .
Perfect way to keep a bit of Summer handy all year long !
m.e. :)

Therese's Treasures said...

Wow you captured summer in one necklace. It is beautiful, I like the natural elements that you used and your interpretation of those elements.

Andrea said...

You not only have a way with jewelry design, you have a way with words. I have been following your blog all summer and I am constantly impressed with your "all around" creativity. Thanks for all you do for the arts. Best, Andrea

Anonymous said...

So happy to see one of your creations, especially since you're so busy. The piece emanates warmth.
- tara