Monday, July 11, 2011


Rebecca and Mo were in the area doing a shoot in Altoona for "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" that comes on the Food Network. They had a day off in Johnstown and we were able to hang out with them and show them around town a bit.

No trip to Johnstown would be complete without a trip to the Inclined Plane. Since I'm fairly new to the area myself, I give a rather bootleg tour... pointing out what I think are important points of historical interest, like the sign on the building that may or may not be a marker of how high the flood waters reached during one of the many floods that came through the Conemaugh Valley. (It's most likely a faded "no parking" sign.)

At the top of the Incline Plane (which is the steepest vehicular one in the United States, might I add), there is one of the largest flags in the country. It was rather limp and flaccid when we walked up to see it, but gave a very patriotic wave as we boarded to go back down.

We took them a little bit out of town to see the Conemaugh Valley outlook off of Route 56. It was decked out in flags for the recent Fourth of July holiday. It has pretty breathtaking views of the natural beauty.

It was a short trip, but it was nice to see them and chat. I hope that they make their way back out here again or that I run into them on their many travels, searching out and recording some of the most fabulous food on the planet.

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somethingunique said...

Hi Andrew, OMG i love that show i watch it everynight on the "Food Network" i even make that "Captin Crunch" french toast and its so yummy.
take care and hwve a great day! ttfn Lana :)