Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shipping Notes...

I just wanted to thank everyone again for participating in the giveaways, sales, and continuing to purchase from my Shop during this time. It really has meant a lot to me. I also wanted to thank you for your patience! I just wanted to remind everyone that all of the packages (with the exception of regular purchases from my Shop and July Challenge Kits, which were all sent out when received) were supposed to go out five business days after the official close of the sale, so that people with multiple purchases could combine shipping and so that it would be easier on me running all of the sales and giveaways single-handedly. Calculating the winner of the Virtual Yard Sale Giveaway was a real doozy! It took a few hours to total and tally everything up! (The winner is Darby Lohrding, by the way!)

Another thing I should mention, is that if you have won something on eBay and are still waiting for it... you might want to check to see the status of your payment. I still haven't gotten paid for 20 auctions. I have sent out Invoice reminders, but worry that they're going to Spam folders. I understand that we're all busy people, the economy is bad and there are a lot of extenuating circumstances. So, if you're one of the ones with an outstanding balance, feel free to email me personally and we'll work something out.

So, if you're still waiting for your purchase, I thank you again for your patience, but fear not! Things are still going out and should arrive shortly! Anything with a custom order or requested modification will of course take more time, but I should be completely finished with all shipping tomorrow at the earliest!

Thanks again for all your help and support! I really feel blessed to be apart of such a creative and kind community and hope that everyone had fun with all the giveaways and events!