Monday, August 23, 2010


I've been working feverishly to get things posted to the sale site. It hasn't been easy. A storm passed through today, which seriously compromised my internet access. (We have satellite internet and when it's cloudy or storming, service is either severely reduced or stopped completely.) We're definitely investigating and trying out alternative options to prevent this in the future. Virgin mobile has a product called Broadband2Go and this might be the answer to our problems. We'll see.

But... as some of you may know, when it storms my head starts to pound. I joke around that I'm a human barometer. I don't know what it is exactly... whether it's all in my head or if it is indeed a shift in atmospheric pressure causing my sinus cavities to turn into flaming pockets of burning pain. I took a few hours, while the internet was down to rest.

I pulled an "all-nighter" or rather an "all-day-and-nighter" yesterday. Staying up for days in a row didn't used to be a problem. Sometimes I'd get so caught up in projects that I'd realize that I had only slept a handful of hours the entire week. But as time marches on, it has become very apparent that sleep is becoming a necessity and not an option. Realty is setting in that I'm not as spry as I used to be. I don't think my stubbornness to stay awake and hammer through did anything to help the situation today. I felt like I was scraped off the bottom of someone's shoe.

So... faced with reality, I'm just going to have to step back a little and work on things a little at a time. It's easy to get caught up in the zeal, but if I have any intention on living through this massive undertaking, I'm going to have to pace myself. New items will appear tonight in the shop and then tomorrow afternoon.

(A big thanks to everyone who has been patiently awaiting the updates to both the shops!)


Spirited Earth said...

the subject of sleep vs staying up to all hours creating was the topic of conversation the other day..
when did it happen that we can no longer stay up for 2 days straight working on an interesting project?
sleep deprivation unfortunately is real..zzzzzz

Alice said...

People look at me like I'm crazy when I try to explain my 'weather headaches'. They usually occur when the barometer changes, which, in Kansas, happens a lot. Sometimes my head will begin hurting a couple days before a storm or hard weather change, and will last until the barometer changes again. Sometimes the weather will change clear up in Nebraska, but I will feel it here. There is nothing for a cure, short of the barometer going back to normal. These headaches knock me out many times. I can thank my grandmother, who passed down this trait to my father, then on to me.

So sorry you have to go through it. It sure does a number on daily activities.

Unknown said...

That has to be something to deal with. I feel for you with how you described your burning cavities. Ive had a headache for two days and theyre no fun. I find creating frustrating at times. I work and work and wont let go then Ive made a horrid mess (you should see my work table right now) then it takes forever to clean up and everything else has been neglected! I hope youll be feeling better Andrew and get some well needed rest.

Clay By Clay said...

My neurologist says that barometic pressure changes can trigger my migranes. I feel for you.

Mary Lynne said...


Just a suggestion re: wireless internet - see if you can do a trial before you have to commit to anything. In spite of the fact that we are "in town", they don't run any lines down our road because there aren't enough houses here to warrant the expense so our choices are limited. We have a wireless connection through Verizon which is iffy. From the feedback I get from co-workers and friends none of the other wireless companies are better and most are much worse.

Maybe the weather outages are a good thing though if they make you slow down a bit and rest. NOTHING is worth making yourself sick over. Take care & love ya!

Pretty Things said...

I used to be able to pull all-nighters but now that I'm 41 strange things happen in the giddiness -- I tend to turn into the Mad Hatter!