Monday, August 30, 2010


I just uploaded twenty-five new lots to the Sale site and will continue to take pictures for the next upload as long as there is light out. (My goal is to do another upload tonight!) There are some treasures in the most recently posted batch that were most definitely hard to part with, but I feel better for putting them out there. Hopefully they all will find happy homes. CLICK HERE to visit the Sale site!

Oh! And if you see something you like in the Sale site, but can't afford it... make me an offer. It never hurts to ask. There are no hard and fast rules here about how much anything costs. Some of the beads in the lot sets are worth more by themselves than what I'm charging for the entire lot sixfold. There is definitely treasure to be found!

Although it is wonderful to make money and pay bills, this is more about me liberating myself and freeing up space, both mental and physical space. It's an exercise in letting things go. In six months, I might be in another phase in my life and my hoarding streak will blaze fiercely... so it's an opportunity for me to purge while I can – while it feels right and good. So, if you see something you like in the Sale site, seize your opportunity!

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