Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Second Life...

I adore the work of Amy Wilson. I love the drawings of her army of little girls and their stream-of-conscious dialogues on art, culture, and current events. Her work is thoughtful and smart. The bright colors and charming skeletal figures impart an inviting sweetness, which matched with the meat of her commentary, makes for interesting and engaging viewing.

Recently Amy had a piece of public art done for the Downtown Alliance's Re:Construction program around the West Thames Park construction site. The large-scale installation was intended to go along with her current show, "It Takes Time To Turn A Space Around" at BravinLee programs. The show will be up until June 5th. If you're in New York City, this is definitely not to be missed!

The construction finished up at West Thames Park and the installation was removed. Instead of allowing it to collect dust somewhere or trashing it or selling it to one single collector, Amy gave her piece a second life by transforming it into a series of limited edition tote bags. That's another thing that I admire about Amy: her work is not limited to a select elite of billionaires; Amy often times creates work that can be attained by the Everyman. You don't necessarily have to be rich to get a piece of her work. It's refreshing to know that a successful artist in the fine art world is not corrupted by greed and offers options to every level to enjoy her art.

Amy is releasing ten tote bags a week at her store. CLICK HERE to visit her shop and see what's available. I think they're brilliant! What a great way to get a piece of art and directly support an artist at work!


Barbara Bechtel said...

Thanks for sharing this Andrew. I was not familiar with her until you posted this but now I've spent about 20 minutes or more on her website. The totes really caught my eye. I love her drawings!

Amy said...

thank you, andrew!!!