Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beaded Links...

Lisa explains her thoughts behind part 1 of a new bracelet project.

Tammy recently took a trip to the Bahamas and discovered some souvenir pennies in her purse. They were so bright and shiny they had to be turned into jewelry.

It's the fifth month anniversary of the ABS Carnival Blog! Come see how we've grown!

Take a jewelry class with me at CREATE!

The new Rubber Glass silicone has inspired Cyndi to create some beginner projects!

In an effort to use all that she buys, Carmi repairs and recycles vintage metal from Paris.

Cindy's starting a new feature on her blog - The Wednesday Wire! Come take a look!

A gift from a local potter starts Melanie on a new clay adventure: Raku!

Heather explores 23 days of inspiration as she gets ready for the Bead & Button Show. See how Van Gogh has inspired her through the years.

Jean's just full of travelogues, isn't she? This time she went to a Kansas bead retreat.

Voting has now opened in the Bead Star competition, come check out my 5 entries!

Vote for your Bead Star Favorites!

The best wedding I never went to! My editor's incredibly romantic wedding -- Australian Beading Magazine.

Like several of her esteemed colleagues, Melissa has a few pieces in the Bead Star competition to show off this week!

Andrew has six finalists pieces in the Bead Star competition. Please take a moment to vote!

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