Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Charm Club...

Last year, a friend had a wonderful idea! She suggested that I start my own Charm Club. I had a lot of fun and worked out the kinks from the first go around, and am ready to have another go at it. If you're not familiar with The Charm Club, it's kind of like the cheese of the month club, where you get a new and different SURPRISE cheese every month in the mail. Instead of cheese, you'd be getting a limited edition charm made by me in your mailbox every month. The club will run in a three month cycle and be limited to ONLY ten individuals per cycle. (The folks at my new post office are already starting to recognize me!) The fee to be paid in advance is $75 and would include shipping. That's less than $25 a charm! Normally, the one of a kind charms I make go for much more, but since I'll be making them in small editions of ten, it'll balance out economically for me. The first charms will be ready by the beginning of January.

WAIT! There's more! At the end of this cycle, I'll include a limited edition print of one of my works for each of the participants.

This would make a perfect holiday gift for a dear friend, beloved partner, or even for yourself!

CLICK HERE to visit the Shop and sign up today!

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