Saturday, April 04, 2009

Beaded Links...

If it has Margot Potter's name on the cover, you know it will be a super fun and interesting book!  Beyond the Bead, Margot's latest, is just that! Jewelry Making
Tammy has some tips for branding yourself and your jewelry product while also putting together some awesome packaging. 

Feeling out of step with the trends?  Here's some inspiration for the Fall 2009 season!

Barbe reviews Dr. Weiman's 101 More Jewelry Selling Techniques Ebook.

Linda's jewelry does the Lindy Hop far better than she does... check out her inspiration!

Carmi features a mini canvas pendant on a felted background, creating a collage brooch.

Using gluable bracelet blanks from Rings and Things, Melanie shares ideas for how to use them in two very different ways.

The question of the month on Jewelry & Beading is about your hardest business decisions.  Let your voice be heard!

Melissa shows off a celadon-themed necklace she made for Ornament Thursday.

A sleepless night for Andrew produced seven new necklace designs.

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Jean Hutter said...

Great beading links Andrew - I do love your work and have been following your blog - I am an abstract painier and jewelry maker - good combination!!!!!